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Carvox Cx 2300c Installation Manual

User manual for SafePoint. Company built PC/MAC and Android mobile-friendly interactive vehicle security and diagnostic system. SafePoint is designed to offer a solution to prevent vehicle theft and make a great addition to any new or used car. SafePoint works with most existing alarm systems, offers free service upgrades and has an extensive number of security options.

Carvox Cx 2300c Installation Manual

The clock auto adjust function works and is a huge plus, cause it's not just the exact time for every alarm. It's also set as the time that the car is going to start after being remote started, so you know whether you need to go home or change the time for a particular alarm. I wish the manual had this "auto adjust" feature listed, cause I wish I would have known about it, and I thought it was cool.

hi i just got my carvox cx 2300c alarm in my car recently and i have been to the carvox website as well but i still did not get any idea how to change the self starter on my car. my car is manual and the remote start is non existent on my car. can somebody help me please help my carvox cx 2300c alarm is great in my car and when i turn it on all the alarm icons on my remote start is flashing on all the buttons on my remote start it comes on when i turn it on too but i dont understand how to change that. my remote is non existent or no self starter on my car. can somebody help me please

install is a breeze. as mentioned in the manual one could use the keyhole method and take the manual to the car. havent tried with the usb connector but for the most part in and out should be no problem. make sure to read the manual and buy the original car pass module. if you do it might not work. might have to unplug the harness just a thought.


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