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Test Your Kpop Knowledge with This Ultimate Idol Quiz

Idol Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Favorite K-Pop Stars?

K-Pop, or Korean pop music, is a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm in recent years. With catchy songs, stunning visuals, and charismatic personalities, K-Pop idols have won the hearts of millions of fans across different cultures and languages. But how well do you really know your favorite K-Pop stars? Do you know their names, birthdays, hobbies, and preferences? Do you know their songs, albums, awards, and achievements? Do you know their quirks, secrets, and scandals?

idol quiz


If you are a true K-Pop fan, or if you are curious about this fascinating industry, you might want to test your knowledge and skills by taking an idol quiz. An idol quiz is a fun and interactive way to learn more about your favorite idols, groups, and genres. It can also help you discover new artists, songs, and facts that you might not have known before. Plus, it can challenge your memory, speed, and accuracy, as well as boost your confidence and pride as a fan.


What is an idol quiz and why should you take one?

An idol quiz is a type of online quiz that features questions related to K-Pop idols. The questions can range from easy to hard, from general to specific, from factual to opinion-based. Some quizzes are based on images, audio clips, or videos, while others are based on text or multiple-choice options. Some quizzes are timed, while others are not. Some quizzes are scored, while others are not.

There are many reasons why you might want to take an idol quiz. Here are some of them:

kpop idol quiz

which kpop idol are you

guess the kpop idol

name the kpop idol

kpop idol birthday quiz

kpop idol trivia quiz

kpop idol look alike quiz

kpop idol dating quiz

kpop idol personality quiz

kpop idol fashion quiz

bts idol quiz

which bts idol are you

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twice idol quiz

which twice idol are you

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exo idol quiz

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  • You want to have fun and enjoy yourself.

  • You want to test your knowledge and skills.

  • You want to learn something new or refresh your memory.

  • You want to show off your fandom and compete with other fans.

  • You want to support your favorite idols and groups.

  • You want to find out which idol or group suits your personality or preferences.

How to take an idol quiz and what to expect from it?

Taking an idol quiz is easy and simple. All you need is a device with internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Then, you can search for various idol quizzes online using keywords like "idol quiz", "K-Pop quiz", or the name of your favorite idol or group. You can also use websites like [Sporcle](^1^), [Quizterra](^2^), or [Soompi](^5^) that offer a variety of idol quizzes for different levels and interests.

Once you find a quiz that appeals to you, you can click on it and follow the instructions. Depending on the type of quiz, you might have to type in your answers, click on the correct options, or drag and drop the items. You might also have to set a timer, enter your name or nickname, or share your results on social media. Some quizzes will give you immediate feedback, while others will reveal the answers at the end.

When taking an idol quiz, you should expect to have a lot of fun and excitement, as well as some challenges and surprises. You might find out that you know more than you thought, or that you still have a lot to learn. You might also discover new aspects of your favorite idols or groups, or even find a new bias or stan. You might also get to interact with other fans and compare your results with them.

Some tips and tricks to ace an idol quiz

If you want to ace an idol quiz, you might want to follow some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and score. Here are some of them:

  • Prepare yourself before taking the quiz. You can do some research, watch some videos, listen to some songs, or review some facts about your favorite idols or groups.

  • Choose a quiz that matches your level and interest. You can start with easy or general quizzes, and then move on to harder or more specific ones. You can also choose quizzes that focus on your favorite idols, groups, genres, or themes.

  • Read the questions carefully and pay attention to the details. You might miss some clues, hints, or keywords that can help you answer correctly. You might also encounter some tricky or misleading questions that can confuse you.

  • Use your logic, intuition, and common sense. Sometimes, you can eliminate some options or guess the answer based on what you know or feel. Sometimes, you can also use some clues from the images, audio clips, or videos that accompany the questions.

  • Don't cheat or look up the answers. This will ruin the fun and the challenge of the quiz. It will also prevent you from learning something new or testing your skills.

  • Have fun and enjoy the process. Don't stress too much about the results or the score. The main purpose of taking an idol quiz is to have fun and enjoy yourself.


Idol Quiz #1: Name the 300 K-Pop Idols (June 2021)

Description and source of the quiz

This is a quiz that challenges you to name 300 K-Pop idols from different groups and generations. The quiz is based on a list of idols that was updated in June 2021. The quiz is hosted by [Sporcle], a website that offers various online quizzes and games.

Sample questions and answers

The quiz consists of 300 images of K-Pop idols, arranged in alphabetical order by their stage names. You have 20 minutes to type in as many names as you can. The quiz will accept both stage names and real names, as well as alternative spellings and romanizations. However, it will not accept nicknames, initials, or group names.

Here are some sample questions and answers from the quiz:








Benefits and challenges of the quiz

This quiz has many benefits and challenges for K-Pop fans. Some of them are:

  • It can help you improve your memory and recall of K-Pop idols' names and faces.

  • It can help you broaden your knowledge and exposure to different K-Pop idols, groups, and genres.

  • It can help you appreciate the diversity and beauty of K-Pop idols' appearances and styles.

  • It can be very fun and satisfying to name as many idols as you can in a limited time.

  • It can be very difficult and frustrating to remember or spell some idols' names correctly.

  • It can be very overwhelming and exhausting to deal with 300 images of K-Pop idols in one go.

  • It can be very competitive and stressful to compare your results with other fans or friends.

Idol Quiz #2: What K-Pop Idol Are You?

Description and source of the quiz

This is a quiz that tells you which K-Pop idol you are most like based on your personality, preferences, and habits. The quiz is based on a series of questions that ask you about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, goals, and more. The quiz is hosted by [Quizterra], a website that offers various online quizzes and games.

Sample questions and answers

The quiz consists of 10 questions with four options each. You have to choose the option that best describes you or suits your taste. At the end of the quiz, you will get a result that tells you which K-Pop idol you are, along with a brief description and an image of the idol.

Here are some sample questions and answers from the quiz:



What is your favorite color?

A) BlackB) PinkC) BlueD) Red

What is your favorite genre of music?

A) PopB) RockC) R&BD) Hip-hop

What is your favorite hobby?

A) ReadingB) DancingC) CookingD) Gaming

What is your dream job?

A) TeacherB) SingerC) DoctorD) Lawyer

What is your best quality?

A) IntelligenceB) CharmC) KindnessD) Confidence

Benefits and challenges of the quiz

This quiz has many benefits and challenges for K-Pop fans. Some of them are:

It can help you discover more a


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