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Driver Galletto 1260 Windows 7 64 Bit _VERIFIED_ Full

Solution: Galletto 1260 requires a minimum car battery voltage to operate properly. Otherwise it will fail to read ECU. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Besides, better to install EOBD1260 software on Win XP system.

Driver Galletto 1260 Windows 7 64 Bit Full

Solution: The galletto 1260 is aimed at the Bosch EDC16C31 ecu which stamped on the label outside the ECU. If you want to program other ECUs, this cable will not work. If galletto is able to program your ECU, then the driver is faulty or misconfigured or the cable is bad or user error.

Problem: Plug the galletto 1260 cable into the vehicle OBD port, the red light flashes, then connect the USB to a rather old laptop and configure the device. When try to read ECU, the system report an error after 4 minutes.


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