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Days Gone Free __LINK__ Download

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Days Gone Free Download

With less than a few days left to go before Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bend Studio's open world action-adventure survival-horror game Days Gone releases, there's no doubt that myriad PlayStation fans are eagerly anticipating the PS4 exclusive's arrival on the console. Days Gone went gold not too long ago, meaning that development on the entirety of the base game has been completed, but it looks as if Sony and Bend Studio are already prepared to reveal DLC plans, confirming post-launch content that's going to be free to download.

Speaking of free content, those looking forward to Days Gone can also spruce up their PlayStation 4's home menu and interface by downloading a free Days Gone PS4 dynamic theme and a Days Gone avatar featuring Deacon. Both items are free to anyone who visits the Days Gone PS4 website and logs in with their PSN account.

Upon release, Bend Studio supported the game with free downloadable content. In June 2019, Survival difficulty mode, which modifies the head-up display and disables options to fast travel, was introduced.[46] This was followed by 12 weekly challenges, in each of which players' performances are classified into Gold, Silver and Bronze rankings. Players receive credits that can be used to purchase new characters and other accessories.[47] In September 2019, Bend added New Game Plus and the MB-150, a sniper rifle from the Syphon Filter series, into the game.[48] Bike tanks, decorations, and frame paint inspired by Death Stranding were released in November 2019.[49]

You play as Deacon St. John, a youthful Oregon biker who wears a regressive baseball cap consistently even at his wedding. Two years after a Days Gone download free PC flare up has transformed a large portion of the action adventure number of inhabitants in America into zombie like man eaters called freakers.

Significant distance trip than simply hammering the choke and blocking out until you arrive at the goal marker. Opening up the hoods of deserted vehicles to yank out piece or evading zombies to dodge into side of the road carports and chase sony interactive entertainment. For fuel is a delightful circle in spite of the fact that it very well may be baffling on the off chance gone days.

On the off chance that you get spotted or, bounty hunter exhausted of crawling around open world. Days Gone download free transforms into a cover shooter that is post apocalyptic, lamentably, just as common as the secrecy is.

Sony revealed the free PS4 and PS5 games on its PlayStation Blog, announcing that the titles will be available for download from April 6 to May 3. PS5 users will have until April 5 to download the arena-based car combat title Destruction AllStars that has been available for free for gamers on the next-gen console since February.

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